Continuing Progress at UAL/CAL/CMI Negotiations
Despite wrapping up early to allow members to get home before the East Coast blizzard, union negotiators for the UAL/CAL/CMI mechanics and management progressed this week in Chicago.
The parties met to continue Phase 1, non-economic reconciliation talks. The focus was on Articles 3 - (Classifications), Article 17 – (Overtime) and Article 12 – (Field Trips).
The bulk of the week's work focused on Article 3 – (Classifications). The Union subcommittee presented a detailed report to the Company subcommittee describing what was believed to be a current view of the bid areas and included what they believe is the best path forward. Progress was made and work will continue next week.
Field Trips (Article 12) talks led to an agreement in principle by the parties on the Phase 1 issues. The same subcommittee then moved on to Article 17 – (Overtime) and was able to reach an agreement in principle.
The NMB will join the parties as scheduled when talks resume on Monday.
UAL Negotiators Respond to False Information in Email
Responding to an email being circulated that purports to have the merged seniority list, on Saturday afternoon the following message was sent to UAL/CAL/CMI mechanics.
“An email has been circulating with two seniority lists attached. This email is questioning the validity of the lists and claiming local management teams have them but are not releasing them yet.
The lists were provided to the Union as part of an overall information request but none of the rules the Seniority Integration committee have agreed to have been applied to these lists. In other words, they are highly inaccurate and have flipped positions for hundreds from current lists. Because they were highly inaccurate and will not be used in any way, the lists were not released to the membership. As soon as the Seniority Integration committee has the combined list and it has been checked for accuracy it will be released to the membership.
Until a combined list is released by the Seniority Integration committee with their stamp of approval there is no official list. Please be aware of this when receiving this type of email. If you ever do or have a question, please contact your steward for accurate information.”
Airline Industry News
Governmental and Regulatory
The Airbus A350 has received certification for its engines from European safety authorities. Airbus plans to complete a maiden flight of the A350 in the summer.
The Federal Aviation Administration granted permission for Boeing to conduct more test flights of the 787 over unpopulated areas.
The Federal Aviation Administration has yet to fully implement measures such as a database of pilots' background information, according to a report by the Transportation Department's inspector general.
Deborah Hersman, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board, is a top candidate for the position of transportation secretary, sources say.
Airlines and Industry
Creditors for AMR Corp. are meeting on Monday, and may vote on a proposed merger with US Airways, sources say. A merger between American and US Airways would create the largest carrier in the U.S.
Boeing plans to begin assembling the new version of its Dreamliner, the 787-9, in the next few weeks, a source says. The new version would carry around 40 additional passengers, and would use the same battery system as the 787.
Unions representing American Eagle employees are seeking to block an AMR Corp. deal with Republic Airways for regional flying.
US Airways Group Chairman and CEO Doug Parker would take the reins as CEO if the carrier merged with American Airlines, sources say.
Boeing is working on a redesign of the Dreamliner 787 to address battery issues.
Despite the issues caused by lithium ion batteries that led to several fires and led to a ban on them being carried as cargo on passenger flights after the crash of a UPS 747-400, new rules will allow them to be carried on passenger flights.