A brave woman sets out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society…

Josée Groulx’s story is anything but ordinary.
Three of her family members and two friends have been diagnosed with cancer in the last few years. Josée herself has had to overcome serious health issues that forced her to rethink her priorities and decide to live life for the moment.
Passionate and headstrong, this receptionist employed by Messageries de presse Benjamin (and member of Teamsters Local Union 1999) decided to take charge of her life and at age 48 embarked on a rigorous training program that included jogging and working out. That’s when she came up with a crazy idea.
She had to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and she had to do it right away, not just for herself but for the thousands of people battling cancer, beginning with those in her own family.
“It was in the cards. I had to scale Kilimanjaro,” says Josée. “But I didn’t want to do it alone.”
So she reached out to two friends who didn’t think twice about joining her on this wild adventure.
But there was a hitch.
“In order to do this, we have to come up with $33,000 by July. These days, it’s getting harder and harder to convince people to donate to a cause,” explains Josée.
Teamsters Canada has committed to donate $1,000 and is calling on all its members and the public to support Josée's cause.
About 186,000 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer in 2012 alone. This disease can strike anyone at any time.
“I have had close friends die of cancer,” said Teamsters Canada President Robert Bouvier. “It’s a horrible disease that we must all do our part to fight. Research and education are the only ways to conquer this scourge.”
The Teamsters Canada president is therefore encouraging everyone to “Give! Help Josée and her friends reach their goal. Your donation can make a difference. It can help save a life.”
Make your donation on Josée’s Web site: http://bit.ly/XVHVhQ or you may also call at her office weekdays at 1-800-361-7379, poste 221
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