Union Honors Contributions of Female Members

March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect upon and celebrate the contributions American women have made to society. As we thank great leaders like Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, Clara Day, Rosa Parks, Frances Perkins, Hilda Solis and others and for their contributions to our world, we cannot help but see that women’s history is Teamster history.
The Teamsters Union has always stood as a bastion of hope for all working people, regardless or gender, race or creed. The Teamsters Union was the first to secure a gender-blind, color-blind contract, and throughout our history our leaders have demanded equality for all members. But it is Teamsters themselves who have upheld the values of this organization and who have stood together to face and overcome adversity.
Teamster women have made significant contributions to the work force over the years, bravely fighting for economic and social justice. Teamster women, in particular, have been engaged and active politically, socially and economically, helping pass important legislation, volunteering in their communities and making life better for us all.
Today, we are thankful for the contributions of those who have helped make our union what it is: a diverse, ever-growing organization that fights for justice, equality and fair treatment in the workplace. Many of the values the Teamsters hold dear are the same values female leaders from the past and present adhere to. It is this common bond and our common history that forever ties the women’s movement and the labor movement together.