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    Default Who Is At Fault For Illegal Immigration?

    Who is at fault for illegal immigration? - View From Baja Arizona

    This is a more detailed account than alot of stories on the issue..right out of arizona I believe:

    ......The “crew chief ” system is alive and well in America today. Farmers don’t hire individual workers, they deal with “labor contractors”. The “labor contractor” business is one of the nastiest and most unregulated activity in the country.

    A third experience I’ve had was as attorney for a big farming operation in Pinal County. Every year around 250 migrants would show up from Mexico on October 1st to work the season, and then go home 6 month later. This particular group of workers belong to a Teamsters Union local, and the farm had a labor union contract…one of the few farms in those days to do this. No “crew chiefs” on that farm, and the workers got decent wages and housing.

    When Reagan’s so called “amnesty” program went into effect, I worked with the Teamsters and we got everyone one of the 250 workers legalized. They met all the criteria for legalization…and there were tough requirements so it wasn’t a free ride like folks now claim. But this particular bunch of workers had been coming and going for over a decade to this farm, and as far as I was concerned, America was made a better place by offering these workers a chance to join our country.

    I thought then and even more so now that unions are really good for farm workers. I am a great fan of Cesar Chavez. He was on the right track. Take away the abuse of “crew leaders” and get the workers fair wages and decent working conditions. Just having porta potties at the edges of the fields makes a huge difference.

    The argument is migrants are doing work Americans won’t. I’m not 100& sure that it true. What I am sure of is the average American will not work for the lousy wages, under horrible working conditions, and under the yoke of “crew chiefs”.

    Create fair labor standards in this country and maybe we wouldn’t need so many foreign workers.

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    Default Re: Who Is At Fault For Illegal Immigration?

    I find these two paragraphs really hit home.
    Because we want everything as cheap as possible, our demand for cheapness flows backwards through the system to fuel the need for undocumented workers who can be exploited. That flow back occurs not only in agriculture, but in construction, the hospitality industry, and into our yards and homes.

    The reason there are jobs for undocumented workers is because we the American people don’t want to pay workers a fair wage and then pay higher costs for our goods and services. We’re cheap.




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