"The groundswell of angry Teamsters employed by UPS is too great to ignore. The assumed opinion of outsiders is that members of the Teamsters union are pleased with the leadership they have received (endured) under James P. Hoffa, son of Jimmy Hoffa, and that he is a popular and well-respected president. This could not be further from the truth. Speak with any number of real, hardcore Teamsters from the old-school and you will find that the exact opposite is, in fact, true... Comprising nearly a full one-fifth of the union, UPS is the largest group of Teamster members and they tend to vote as a bloc. Taking into account the amount of time and energy that goes into servicing UPS members, and with respect to the power their votes hold, the top Teamster has made a mistake that this time may cost him his career."

What 's In A Name? What Labor Doesn't Know About Labor... Now You Do