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I'm with you on this, But it can't be both ways is what I'm saying...how many times have threads been deleted because there were no links or proof to back them up?

The OP is putting removal from office petitions on hearsay.

Let's be fair here. Let's put our money where our mouths are.

When information comes from a verifiable source that is in print we ask that a link to that source be provided. This is to give proper credit to the author. (plagiarism) We had problems in the past with certain members quoting from a verifiable source then changing the text from verifiable source to fit their argument or agenda. Big problem there.

In this case, from the onset of the post in question, we have the poster verifying that his source came from the inside of the IBT and this information was relayed to him directly. In other words, there is no printed source to quote from or provide a link to. The sources name was not mentioned either. There is quite a difference in the two.