Yes!!! This announcement came out during the primaries and Gary won the democratic nomination. I voted for him. We need Susana Martinez out of here. This Republican governor has ruined our state! Gary King is currently our state attorney general. His father was our governor when I moved to NM. For the few local 492 members on this site, hope you do the right thing come voting time.

(Albuquerque, NM) — Attorney General Gary King today received the endorsement for his bid to be the next Governor of New Mexico from New Mexico Teamsters Local #492, representing the families of more than 2,300 active members in the state.

“We are pleased today to announce our endorsement of Gary King in this Democratic primary contest for Governor of New Mexico,” said Walter R. Maestas, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local #492. “It is rare for us to endorse in a primary, but it is more than warranted in this instance. Gary King has always been a good friend to the hardworking families of Teamsters in New Mexico. He has been a champion on the issues that are most important to our well-being. As a leader in our State, Gary King has helped our members and their families. He has been there for us, and we are proud to support him.”
PRESS RELEASE: Teamsters Local #492 Endorses Gary King for Governor | Gary King for GovernorGary King for Governor