I always find a certain bit of Irony in Politicians trumpeting endorsements by The IBT and other Unions,were seen as a source of validity then vilified by many,public included as greedy,crooks,thugs and unwavering big labor,true we endorse to further our labor agenda,just wish folks would understand we brung um to the dance,40 hr week,vacation,benefits,sadly many choose to stand in the corner and complain.

Teamsters Back Old Guard in Santa Monica Council Race

“The Teamsters are a forward looking union with a rich tradition,” O’Connor told the Lookout. “Our Teamster City workers carry on that tradition working hard every day in public service to the community of Santa Monica. I am proud to have their endorsement.”

“It’s also important to recognize that in an age of austerity, outsourcing and union-busting, Santa Monica can retain a AAA bond rating while providing good wages and benefits to its workers,” he added. “In other words, an economy that respects our humanity is also one that leads us to prosperity.”