Earlier this month, Wisconsin State Rep. Chris Kapenga said he planned to introduce a right-to-work bill, though he hasn't set a date.

Above, Teamsters Local 200 in Milwaukee hosted a Milwaukee Building Trades Council workshop for understanding and education union members about right to work in Wisconsin. Brother Tom Millonzi, secretary-treasurer of Local 200, sent us these photos of building trades managers and business representatives who attended with Teamsters from Local 200, 344, 662 and 695.

They learned that 'right ti work' doesn't mean what it seems to mean. Grossly misnamed right-to-work laws actually decrease wages, lower median household income, increase poverty, and undermine workplace safety. A supporter of right to work even admitted to the press that right-to-work laws don't create jobs. He said, 'we’re not purporting to prove that right-to-work produces superior economic performance.'
Wisconsin Teamsters laying groundwork for right-to-work battle |Teamster Nation