(WASHINGTON) –Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa challenged House representatives to vote down a severely flawed Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) bill in a letter delivered this morning.

Hoffa questioned the lack of funding and protection for public service workers in the TAA bill.

“The proposed TAA bill is significantly underfunded,” Hoffa said in the letter. “The exclusion of public-sector workers in this version is also troubling. The Teamsters Union represents 260,000 public employees. This version of TAA does nothing to protect them and little to protect the American worker.”
Hoffa Calls on House to Vote Down Flawed Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill | Teamsters

I myself did not understand what the TAA is. Well, it is related to the TPP.

Obama's trade bill faces showdown vote on Capitol Hill

Republicans said that the sequencing was determined at the behest of Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, trying to maintain leverage, has remained noncommittal on the whole issue to the end, even as she worked behind the scenes with Republican House Speaker John Boehner this week to solve a last-minute hang-up involving Democratic concerns about cutting Medicare funds to pay for worker retraining.

The intricate solution to the Medicare issue lay in finding another revenue source —various tax penalties — and also lining up the votes in a certain order that made passage of the fast-track bill contingent on passage of the trade adjustment bill. That created the opening for Democratic fast-track opponents to take aim at the trade adjustment measure.

"The TAA is the handmaiden to facilitate the whole deal," said Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio. "We have the potential to stop this whole train."
Obama's trade bill faces showdown vote on Capitol Hill