You all know about this as I have continued to post on this victory but this is Jimmy Hoffa's statement. And I will say in looking for info to post each day, this is turning out to be huge news! I think the unions are going to jump on this in a big way.
The Teamsters were at the forefront of a significant victory for workers last week. And the decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) could provide a voice for millions of additional Americans.
This decision will make a tremendous difference for workers' rights on the job. Employers will no longer be able to shift responsibility for their workers and hide behind loopholes to prevent workers from organizing or engaging in collective bargaining. This is a victory for workers across America.
The Teamsters have repeatedly fought against employers shifting responsibility of their workforce, whether through misclassification at companies like FedEx, at our nation's ports or through the use of staffing agencies in the food processing industry at companies like Taylor Farms.
NLRB win for Teamsters is a victory for millions |Teamster Nation