If anyone is interested, I belong to a great group on FB called Rebuild The IBT. There is tons of info about this. I recommend you FB members go and check it out.

“I need a minute of your time to get a guy accredited to run against Jim Hoffa.” That was Bruce Frakes’ standard opening line with his fellow Teamsters—and it worked.

“They would stand in line to sign,” he said. “Everyone said, ‘Oh my God, yes, it’s time.’”
The coalition campaign cleared its first official hurdle last week, turning in 63,000 signatures. That’s more than double the 30,974 required to become accredited candidates in the November 2016 election—and the largest number a Teamster opposition ticket has collected in two decades.

By this measure, Teamsters United—riding a wave of anger at pension cuts and other concessions—has the greatest momentum of any effort yet to unseat President James P. Hoffa.
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