The first Monday in September is set aside to remember the workers who made this country great. For more than 100 years, the hard work and dedication of Teamster members have been a symbol of pride, strength and unity throughout America. Typically, we look back to honor the countless union members, labor leaders and other historically significant figures who paved the way. This Labor Day, however, I want us to look to the future.

It is no coincidence that we are witnessing the erosion of the middle class and middle-income jobs at the same time that union membership is on the decline. While we continue to fight back against attacks on labor rights, the Teamsters Union is also looking forward. Last week we kicked off our new campaign to bring good jobs home and make the American dream a reality for working families again. The timing of our launch couldnít be more fitting. Thatís why this Labor Day I am asking all of our brothers and sisters in the labor movement to join us as we tell Congress: ďLetís Get America Working!Ē