The Teamsters continued its drive to getting 2020 presidential candidates focused on the needs of workers this week by having General President Jim Hoffa attend a Democratic Party debate and by holding separate events in South Carolina and New Hampshire where the union gathered insights on what issues matter most to its membership.

Hoffa attended Wednesday night’s debate in Detroit in hopes of hearing from candidates where they stand on issues that matter most to Teamsters. And although several shared their thoughts on important issues such as trade and health care, there was a deafening silence when it came to an essential matter for this union – pensions.

As Hoffa said on Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” show, “what are we going to do about retirement security, those who worked hard and played by the rules? Those are the type of kitchen table issues I would like to see these debates focused on, and I’m not hearing that.”

The Teamsters have led the charge in the fight to beef up multiemployer pension plans, and saw those efforts rewarded last week when the House voted to approve H.R. 397, the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act, that would protect the solvency of multiemployer pensions and bring retirement security to some 1.5 million Americans whose nest eggs are currently threatened.

But with Senate approval still needed to ensure enactment of the legislation, workers and retirees are looking for candidates who will prioritize pension reform so they can have more certainty about finances in their golden years.

Meanwhile, Teamster members throughout the country were gathering together and tuning in to see if the candidates would address issues important to workers.