Hmm, Hoffa is putting it mildly IMO!
In January 2017, James Hoffa had plenty of kind things to say about President Donald Trump. The Teamsters’ top leader appeared on television during Trump’s first days in office to say the new president was doing “amazing things,” particularly by bucking GOP orthodoxy on trade deals.

Two years and nine months into the Trump era, Hoffa seems a lot less impressed with the president’s record. He’s hopeful a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement can help U.S. workers, but he says Trump is largely failing to deliver for the typical wage-earner and hasn’t held up his end of a campaign bargain.
Hoffa, who’s been the Teamsters’ general president since 1999, was part of a faction within organized labor that was eager to work with Trump whenever possible. While some unions in the public and service sectors have roasted Trump ever since he became the GOP nominee, the Teamsters and some building trade unions have struck a more collaborative posture, hoping to score some wins on issues like NAFTA, steel tariffs and the Keystone XL pipeline.

But while Hoffa first saw Trump as a different kind of Republican on trade, the president has turned out to be a stock Republican on other issues important to the Teamsters. Trump’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have made it considerably harder for many workers to join unions. And Trump’s reshaping of the Supreme Court led to the worst ruling against organized labor in a generation with Janus v. AFSCME, expanding right-to-work policy to the entire U.S. public sector.

Those policies amount to a direct attack on labor groups like the Teamsters. The union represents 1.4 million workers, including many in the public sector who can now opt out of paying union fees due to the Janus decision.