(ROCHESTER, N.Y.) – After participating in a mere two meetings, Wayne County is declaring impasse with respect to reaching a new labor agreement with the 60 road deputies, sergeants and investigators. Wayne County is controlled by a Board of Supervisors representing each of the townships within the county.

Despite clear and convincing evidence that the deputy unit is substantially undercompensated and grossly overworked, the Wayne County employer negotiating committee continues to balk at union proposals that fairly address economic inequities that have resulted in recruitment, retention and public safety concerns.

“We firmly believe that the county would rather roll the dice at arbitration in order to shortchange the deputy unit than do the right thing and negotiate a fair contract that the deputies deserve. We also take exception with the county’s lead negotiator seeking off the record proposals and counter proposals that imply to us that the County Board of Supervisors are oblivious to the crisis situation that exists within the sheriffs’ department,” said Teamsters Local 118 Lead Negotiator Chris Toole.