This is one thing that never fits well with politics and us...The first day of deer hunting is like a national holiday here...10% of the guys or so are allowed to take off for the week.....yet the dems are anti-gun....and the gop is anti-labor...makes no sense.:

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MINNEAPOLIS - Talk with just about any union member about hunting or fishing and you’re going to learn a lot.
You’ll learn about the family members and friends who taught them to hunt or fish. You’ll learn about their passion for their sport and about their love of the outdoors. You’ll also learn how that union job is so important to maintaining a lifestyle that provides time and resources to be able to get out there and hunt or fish.

Jerry Hanson, Coon Rapids, is a member of Cement Masons Local 633 whose passion is chasing after his hounds who are chasing after a wily fox or coyote.

Hanson learned to hunt with hounds from his father, Gerald R. Hanson, who worked as a union diesel mechanic for Glendenning Motorways trucking company. “My dad was good at picking hounds,” Hanson recalls.