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.....In fact, “eager lawyers” could take such a court decision, “run into court and say, ‘It’s already been determined, Company XYZ Newspaper misclassified its workers. We want this to be a Class Action and we want you, judge, to find liability for all kinds of things, not just worker’s compensation eligibility,’” Lapp said.

“What they may want are back wages that go back for four years for hundreds of people. When you multiply something like unpaid or unreimbursed expenses times, let’s say, 100 people over four or five years, that gets to be real money, and those are very significant decisions,” he said.

The stakes are high, Lapp said. “They may want that same misclassification to give rise to union-organizing attempts. That you can find, let’s say, the Teamsters knocking on your door, saying all your contractors are, in fact, employees and should actually be represented by the Teamsters.

“Again, I want to emphasize, it’s not just one person,” he said. “It could be your entire system.”