KMOX series: St. Louis Outside the Box — Part 2 KMOX-AM
Gartner is the President of Teamsters Joint Council 13 and Secretary-Treasurer of Local 6.

When he talks about what cursed St. Louis, it’s not a four-letter word he uses — it’s a three-letter one. T-W-A. “I think our airport became non-viable. I think our airport should be very viable since we’re smack in the middle of the country,” says Gartner.

Also topping Gartner’s list of what hurt St. Louis: foreign trade agreements in the early 90′s. “That hurt the industry so much that things started going across seas and I think just started going so fast there was no stopping it.”

The final blow to the working man, was the sale of the King of Beers. “I don’t want to say it hurt the region,” says Gartner. “I think it hurt a lot of people’s feelings.”