I hope all members of 879 read this and pass it on to all who don't. Your leadership is trying very hard to cover up thier misdoing, double dipping buying stuff for personal use and using your funds for this. the elcetion is this year you must stand up and say enough is enough. Don't let your president run your local to the ground, don't let his team snow you in thinking everything is alright, it isn't. Open yor eyes, ask questions look at the books. Money is flowing from your bank into the hands of the president's teams hands. They drink and eat on your dime. This is also the person who is the sec. treasure of the j.c., hope they are more prudent then he is with his local's money!
Remember to vote for who ever runs against them, slean up your local and get someonewho is going to run it responsably, with morals, knowing it's your money and not thiers. Stand up and say enough is enough. Let the leaders of your j.c. and your leaders at the top (Teamster Canada) know that what has/is happen that it's wrong, and you what changes