Is this the way we are headed ?
Could our own government turn on us and once again shoot and kill us, like during the turn of the century.
If we continue to allow the corporations and right wing politicians to influence the direction of the world it will happen again.

Police ministry spokesman Zweli Mnisi told The Associated Press on Friday that more than 30 people were killed on Thursday in the police volleys of gunfire during the strike, now a week old. The Star, a Johannesburg newspaper, said another 86 people were wounded. People were gathering at hospitals in the area, hoping to find missing family members among the wounded.
Poor South Africans protest daily across the country for basic services like running water, housing and better health and education — all of which were promised when racist white rule ended with the first democratic elections in 1994. Protests often turn violent, with people charging that ANC leaders have joined the white minority that continues to enrich itself while life becomes ever harder for the black majority.

Police often are accused of using undue force. Still, Thursday's shooting appalled the country, recalling images of white police firing at anti-apartheid protesters in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, though in this case it was mostly black police firing at black mine workers.
Police chief says 34 dead in mine shootings | General Headlines | Comcast

Perhaps there is more to this then we can know, however it does boil down to the people in power and the corporations not sharing enough with labor.