Be sure to check out the video in this story! I have one question. Where are all the wives of these teamsters and carpenters? When we had our Union rally in Santa Fe a couple of years, many of the wives were right beside their husbands (like I was ).
They were picketing Callahan Inc. of Bridgewater, the general contractor for a $4 million renovation and improvement to the facility. Vincent Scalisi of the New England regional carpenters union council said they targeted Callahan because the company uses subcontractors who have especially poor labor and job-related records.

But Scalisi said Teamsters and carpenters were also there "for the middle class," to protest the lowering of wages and benefits that Scalisi says the use of subcontractors generally creates.
Teamsters, carpenters say protest is "for the middle class" - Quincy, MA - The Patriot Ledger