For too long we have allowed labor unions to be treated as the bad guys... as if they’re the sole ones driving up costs with their outrageous demands for health care and retirement benefits. What issue has led to this referee lockout? Why it’s the NFL’s insistence that in a league that grosses billions they shouldn’t have to pay for pensions for the refs anymore, not when they can save a little more by switching them to 401(k)s. It’s the same story that we’ve seen elsewhere in business and in government as more and more we have asked labor union members to bear the brunt of changes through less attractive retirement packages and increased health care costs.
Its time for everyone in this country to stop making organized labor the bad guys. We take them for granted and howl when we need them and they’re not there, even though we’ve done nothing to stop them from being driven away.

Do we stand up for organized labor only when it personally impacts us in football or do we do it as a general principle to make sure we support the people who do so much for us? That’s what we need to ask ourselves.