A rare union election victory in New Jersey and a battery of wage theft complaints in California represent the latest steps in the Teamsters union’s effort to transform port trucking, a growing industry in which most workers aren’t considered employees under the law.

“These guys are sharecroppers on wheels,” said Teamsters International Vice-President Fred Potter, who directs the union’s port division.
Citing a series of public and private sector studies, a spokesperson for the federal Department of Labor told The Nation in an e-mail that the “numbers suggest that misclassification occurs in significant numbers and, across the country, workers are finding themselves without the basic protections that Congress has enacted to ensure they receive fair pay, safe workplaces, and necessary supports when they are hurt or lose their jobs.” The spokesperson said that the DOL does not have sufficient data to determine the extent of the issue in port trucking specifically.
In Industry Where Few Workers Are 'Employees,' Teamsters Mount Multi-Front Attack | The Nation