But who does management want to take pay, benefits and retirement from?

A new report released by Jobs With Justice Education Fund, “Improving Government Through Labor-Management Collaboration and Employee Ingenuity,” profiles how public employees and their unions are working collaboratively with management to improve the way government runs. From the Federal Aviation Administration to Ohio State University to the City of Phoenix, public managers at all levels of government are turning to employees for innovative solutions to vexing problems.

“The labor and management representatives featured in the report are tackling a wide range of issues, from reducing health-care costs and implementing complex new technologies to addressing policy shifts in mental health care,” said report author Erin Johansson, research director at Jobs With Justice Education Fund. “Through joint efforts, these teams are getting results—saving taxpayer money, improving the delivery of government services, and expanding training opportunities for employees. These government agencies are the antidote to those who keep demonizing public employees to score political points or privatize government services.”
The Research Is In: Public Employees Are Transforming the Workplace | Jobs With Justice