Good luck to him!

The UAW elected Dennis Williams its 11th president Wednesday in a landslide, putting him in charge of a union struggling to regain bargaining leverage, rebuild its finances and restore political clout.

“I am excited for our union. I feel the energy, the power of our unity,” Williams said shortly after he was elected. “I am looking forward to taking on the challenges we have.”

The union faces contract talks with the Detroit Three next year, and expects to wield influence in electing a Democratic president in 2016.

“We have a huge imbalance in this society and we plan on taking on that fight,” said Williams, who received 3,215 votes to 49 votes cast for Gary Walkowicz, a dissident from UAW Local 600.
UAW elects Dennis Williams president in a landslide: 'I feel the energy' | Detroit Free Press |