My youngest kid is complete pro union. My two oldest, raised by a different father who was never in a union are completely anti-union. Son is a union member and daughter is married to a Teamster yet, I cannot even get them to view this website to see what their mom does here. I don't know how to go about educating someone that does not want to hear it! I guess you start young with them and only one of them I had that chance with.

He actually flinched when I said that. I'm not exaggerating. He flinched. When I informed him that the place he was standing in was, in fact, a union hall, he physically recoiled. Then he muttered to himself, with the slightest trace of dread, "Oh, wow." That's all he said. Oh, wow.

You had the feeling he now believed he was in the presence of something sinister, as if he had stumbled into a coven of witches. Needless to say, he high-tailed it out of there as fast as he could. Clearly, this kid liked us more when he thought we were a bunch of middle-aged alcoholics instead of union members. If this represents the younger generation's opinion of organized labor, Big Business has got nothing to worry about.
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