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Thread: Why Collective Bargaining Is a Fundamental Human Right

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    Default Why Collective Bargaining Is a Fundamental Human Right

    Those that just don't get it need to open their eyes. If you think we don't need unions, think back to the way things used to be. Look how bad the labor issues have gotten because unions don't have the strength they used to have. It is only going to get worse if unions don't rebuild that strength but it takes people like you and I to show and interest. Our unions can only be as strong as their numbers.

    The ability for ordinary working people to organize and collectively bargain over their wages and working conditions is a fundamental human right. It is a right just as critical to a democratic society as the right to free speech and the right to vote.
    During that period productivity and Gross Domestic Product per capita both increased by roughly 80 percent in America. But the wages of ordinary Americans have remained stagnant. Virtually all of the fruits of that increased productivity have gone to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

    No wonder the gang on Wall Street opposes unions.

    That fact that all of the productivity gains went to the top 1 percent is not the result of an immutable law of nature. When unions represented a quarter of the private sector workforce, a larger and larger percentage of the total economic pie flowed into the pockets of ordinary Americans -- and the result was the world's most vibrant middle class.
    Why Collective Bargaining Is a Fundamental Human Right*|*Robert Creamer
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    Default Re: Why Collective Bargaining Is a Fundamental Human Right

    I suspect, however, it's going to get worse before it gets better. We're going to have to experience the polarization of economic status, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, where the middle class not only shrinks but essentially disappears altogether, and where those currently supporting the current system but are not in the top tier of wealth end up with the poor and finally get pissed off enough to wake up and realize what they've helped destroy.

    Maybe it's a future where another Haymarket Riot occurs, where the Teamsters rise up with their few hundred thousand remaining members and recreate the '34 Chicago riot to regain workers' rights they should never have lost in the first place, and other unions (if they survive) join in. A type of future where the rich may just have to sit behind their enclaves with their security forces, which in the end may still not be enough to keep them safe. Pitchforks? The 1% may be lucky if that's all we use.

    Or maybe we'll just turn into a Blade Runner-style of society where we stay anesthetized by chemicals, experiences, or whatever flavor of the month will be out there to numb our senses to the fact we're going to be no better than slaves or serfs to those who own everything and allow us to have the bare minimum to get by.

    The choices are many and it's up to both sides to determine how it's going to go. I just know I pity this country if they don't start recognizing we're a lot larger than the moneyed class, and return to the days when being able to share in the "American Dream" was possible.
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