And this is why I think it should be taught in schools but unions should have a say on how the history is written.

Over the past 50 years, AFSCME and other public-sector unions have transformed the American labor movement. We’ve lifted millions of families into the middle class, especially women and workers of color. We’ve been a force behind some of the most significant social and economic movements of recent generations. We live many of our nation’s founding principles.

But if you read the American history books that most high school students open every day, you never would learn any of that. In fact, you would not learn much about labor unions at all.

What you did learn would lead you to believe that unions haven’t done much since the early 1900s; that we’ve relied on violence when we did accomplish something; and that unions play a minimal role (at best) in creating America’s middle class, increasing safety on the job, increasing leisure time, pushing for more equality for more workers, or achieving more security and dignity in retirement.
Local 4001 MnSCU - Textbooks Ignore, Distort Union History