I know there was another thread on this, but I can't find it.
Philadelphia union activity at it's worst. I'll remain neutral on this and just say it has given us all collectively a bad reputation.
Not to say that sometimes a little strong arm tactic isn't warranted ...

A former Philadelphia union boss was sentenced Monday to more than 19 years in prison for overseeing violence, vandalism and intimidation at nonunion work sites, including a Quaker meetinghouse.

Joseph Dougherty, 73, was also ordered to pay more than a half-million dollars' restitution on January convictions of racketeering conspiracy, arson and extortion.

Prosecutors said he told Ironworkers Local 401 members that they were at "war" with nonunion competitors, especially as construction jobs dried up after the Great Recession.
The term was about four years over the 15-year mandatory minimum sentence.
Murderers get less time that that.
Another show of political retribution to show how tough the gov is on the unions ... IMO.

Ex-union boss gets 19 years for arson, violence at worksites