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    Default Teamsters Offer Disaster Relief Assistance for Victims of California Wildfires

    I don't know if the fire in southern CA is still burning in Anaheim. My son works for the water company there and is in charge of making sure everything is up and running, including the reservoir situation so that firefighters can get water to fight the fire. Things are bad in CA, the worst I have ever seen.

    Wildfires have been raging throughout Northern California, with a particularly hard-hitting impact in Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties. At least forty people have been killed and more than 200 people are reported missing, as firefighters continue to contain the inferno that began October 8.

    So far, over 40 Teamsters lost their homes in the fires and are left with nothing.

    Rome Aloise, Joint Council 7 President and Local 853 President, and Teamsters Local 665, which are right in the middle of the devastation, immediately took action by setting up a disaster relief center to distribute: water, bedding products, clothes, food, personal hygiene products, sleeping bags, toys, and other items necessary for people to just survive. The Joint Council and the Locals also set up trailers using the Joint Council truck at many of the relief centers equipped with refrigerating units donated by UPS and Horizon, so fresh food can be brought in. Initially, the relief center was set up for members, but the response for donations was so great the Local was able to open it up to the general public, so others impacted by the fires can receive the help they need.

    In addition to the relief center, the Locals, JC, and the IBT, helped in purchasing gift cards that were immediately distributed to those who lost everything, and are working closely with first responders and local government to help assist in every way.

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    Default Re: Teamsters Offer Disaster Relief Assistance for Victims of California Wildfires

    May all the people affected by these natural disasters have some relief and hope for a better tomorrow.
    Each person we can help, no matter the location, will always remember that person, or organization that stepped up to the challenge.

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