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    Default Public Sector Teamsters Stand Up To Anti-Union Efforts

    Iowa’s Republican-led government made it a priority earlier this year to limit the ability of unionized public sector workers in the state to collectively bargain. But these lawmakers are learning that hardworking public servants aren’t backing down from this fight.

    After a new law was enacted in February, workers this month were forced to revote on whether to remain in their union. The odds were stacked up against organized labor. A majority of workers in each unit needed to vote “yes” – non-voters would be counted as a “no” vote due to the ridiculously undemocratic supermajority rules in place. But late last month, Teamsters made it clear that they are proud to be members of the union family!

    Teamsters Local 238 ran 69 state-sponsored recertification elections for 2,200 bargaining unit members this month. Of the 1,888 members who voted, 1,828 voted to remain with the Teamsters. You read that right – 97 percent of them voted yes! In the end, 57 Teamster units decided to remain with the union. As a result, only 44 dues-paying members were included in units that didn’t achieve the required supermajority.

    Other unions were also successful in their efforts. The Iowa Public Employment Relations Board reported that 436 out of 468 public-sector bargaining units statewide voted to remain union affiliated. Some 88 percent of members participated in the votes. In the end, this entire effort approved by Iowa’s GOP leadership was nothing more than a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars spent to tally up these election results and will continue to be so.

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    Default Re: Public Sector Teamsters Stand Up To Anti-Union Efforts

    Once again we see the Republican led initiatives raise their ugly head. Now how on earth should a non vote be counted?

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