Lots of editorials over this upcoming supreme court decision. Good because that means union members are getting the word out.

I would like to respond to Marc A. Thiessen’s March 2 column. (“High court can hand workers choice on union support”). This is clearly an attack on unions.

“Public union bosses want that money to perpetuate their political power and line their coffers.” If there was some way for Mr. Thiessen to prove this I would like to see it.

My guess is that he is just saying whatever backs his position, the sign of a person to lazy to do his research. To stop paying for the unions’ political activities a worker must proactively object then get a refund, case closed. Mr. Thiessen failed to mention that those who are able to refuse to pay union dues still reap the benefits of being in a union, and just put the cost on their fellow workers.

May I remind Mr. Thiessen that he, his family and friends benefit from union benefits every day. just to mention a few: paid vacation, eight-hour work day, overtime, health benefits, breaks, civil rights, workers compensation and the list goes on.
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