The labor tide is rising: New union militancy bypasses parlor politics in favor of direct action

Leading up to former Vice President Joe Biden getting into the 2020 race the corporate news logic was that it was only an old reliable hand like his that could save the Democrats from what would be a "self-destructive' radical leftward lurch.

For the last few years, the corporate news mediaís universe has been framed as a closed planetary system that has its nemesis Donald Trump as the solar center of all creation.

In this Great White Man cosmology, like the free-floating head of Oz, every other being is defined by their alignment with him. Polls are anchored in only the terrain of his gaze as the pundits make their narrative all about Donald Trump. And now with the inflation of their Biden balloon, they have the race they want and itís the race they need to keep the status quo, two white guys in their 70s arguing over Charlottesville in the rearview mirror.