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    Default Teamsters Union Stands in Solidarity With Uber, Lyft Drivers

    (WASHINGTON) – The Teamsters Union stands in solidarity with thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers who are taking action in protests around the globe to demand fair pay and working conditions.

    The Teamsters have worked for years with Uber and Lyft drivers seeking living wages, health care, due process, greater transparency and the right to organize.

    While rates for drivers have been dropping, company executives are expected to reap the rewards of Uber’s big initial public offering. The company could be valued at up to $90 billion.

    This week, drivers logged out of their apps, protested at company headquarters and marched by the thousands in cities from Los Angeles to London.

    “The 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union stand with our brothers and sisters who are rising up to demand justice and an end to income inequality. These protests remind the world that while there are tech companies valued at billions of dollars, those same companies have drivers who are struggling to get by,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “We stand in solidarity with drivers at Uber and Lyft who have a right to be paid fairly and have dignified working conditions.”

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    Default Re: Teamsters Union Stands in Solidarity With Uber, Lyft Drivers


    Uber Drivers Are Not Employees, National Relations Board Rules. Drivers Saw It Coming

    Much like customers anticipate the arrival of an Uber, watching as the tiny image of a car winds its way across a map on a phone, Uber drivers say they have also been anticipating (and predicting) the National Labor Relations Board's decision denying them recognition as employees.

    The NLRB released the advisory memo on Tuesday, nearly a month after it was originally issued. It concludes that Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees — a classification that means they have no right to form a union or bargain collectively.

    The memo, which comes from the NLRB's general counsel's office, serves as a recommendation for rulings in future cases, but will not impact many existing lawsuits.
    Our labor pre*ident and his minions at work for the working stiff.

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