As I keep saying, what are the "ones in charge" going to do with all the unemployed, homeless people as automation and corporate job cutting continues???

Two companies pushing to offer robot delivery services, Postmates and Marble, each had permit hearings before San Francisco Public Works Wednesday morning but met with heated opposition from the workers their services could one day replace.

The two companies aren’t seeking permission to run their services outright. Rather, they’re seeking approval to run tests of their machines in specific San Francisco neighborhoods. Marble would test three delivery devices, which resemble high-tech boxes on wheels, in the Design District and parts of the Dogpatch neighborhood. Those machines are required to roll no faster than 3 MPH and must be accompanied by a human during testing.

Pending the decision of a Public Works hearing officer and Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, the two companies could be cleared to test their delivery robots in just a few weeks.

But the Teamsters union, representing hundreds of thousands of delivery workers, said the two companies are not adequately protecting workers. Doug Bloch, political director of Teamsters Joint Council 7, which represents thousands of workers across California and elsewhere, told the hearing officer that workers want to move lockstep with the march of technology — but they want to ensure it’s done the right way.