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From the author of the widely acclaimed debut novel “A Stirring in the North Fork,” Mark Torres’ next installment and newest book, “Adeline,” was released on July 1.

Torres is a Teamster attorney with Local 810 in New York who has written several books.

The publisher says his newest book, “Adeline,” is a “fast-paced, gripping tale about the mysterious death of an innocent young woman wrongly committed to a notorious mental asylum in 1977. The ever-determined Savoy Graves (an out-of-work attorney) returns to try and unmask the sinister fiend, only to find himself plunged deep into the dangerous and dark world of a maniacal secret society willing to guard its identity at all cost. Will Graves achieve justice for this long buried unsolved murder? And if so, what personal sacrifices will he be forced to make?”

In 2017, Torres released a labor union-related children's book titled “Good Guy Jake.” The book, illustrated by Yana Murashko and translated by Madelin Arroyo, is about a sanitation worker, Jake, who repairs broken toys he pulls from the trash on his rounds and donates to a local shelter. When an angry motorist turns Jake in, he is fired and his union comes to his aid.