Congress hasn’t raised the minimum wage in a decade, the longest stretch without such an increase since the federal minimum wage was first enacted in 1938. One state legislature after another has passed right-to-work laws to undermine unions. Donald Trump has taken numerous anti-worker actions: scrapping several worker safety rules, rolling back a regulation extending overtime pay to millions more workers, and killing a rule that required Wall Street firms to act in the best interests of workers when overseeing their 401(k) plans. Trump has even nominated as labor secretary a lawyer who has spent decades fighting on behalf of corporations to weaken worker protections.

... the percentage of workers in unions is at its lowest level in over a century – down to 10.5% from a peak of 35%.

In the 2015–16 election cycle, business outspent unions 16-to-1 –$3.4bn to $213m – according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Each year all of the nation’s unions spend about $48m on lobbying in Washington, while corporate America spends more than $2.5bn – more than 50 times as much.

...Elizabeth Warren has proposed having workers elect 40% of board members. Whether it comes to freezing wages or moving operations to China or Mexico, American corporations often pay little heed to what’s best for workers. The picture is very different in Germany. There workers elect nearly half the directors of corporations’ guiding supervisory boards.

Workers deserve a fairer shot. If an employer requires employees to attend hour-long meetings to hear anti-union consultants, union organizers should be given equal access, either to speak at such a meeting or have equal time with employees.