Long article but a good read.

In the last few months there’s been a debate within Jacobin and elsewhere among socialists about how to rebuild the labor movement. Should socialists focus primarily on taking “rank-and-file” jobs to try to build a “militant minority” of workers on the shop floor, or is this perspective too narrow? The question has become increasingly urgent after the Democratic Socialists of America passed a resolution endorsing the rank-and-file strategy at their national convention in August.

Some, such as Luke Elliott-Negri, argue that socialists should see the rank-and-file strategy as one tactic among many equally essential choices the Left must make to rebuild the labor movement (and the socialist movement within it) today.

While many interesting things have been said in response to this argument, the debate so far walks around the central issue faced by those who argue against the rank-and-file strategy. Mainly, the role and interests of the trade union bureaucracy.