Dues money is an important source of revenue for the Teamsters at every level. As most people know monthly dues rates start at two times the hourly rate and can be two and one-half times the hourly rate for higher paying jobs. YRC employees were forced into a 401k plan at 25% of their previous contribution rate. YRC employees were never given a chance to further reduce their hourly rate and maintain their participation in defined benefit pension plans. This wage cut would have been approximately $5 an hour. At two and one half times the remaining hourly rate this would have caused a dues reduction of $12.50 per member per month. or $150 per year per member. Multiply that by 25,000 employees equals $3.75 million a year less dues money for the locals, joint councils and IBT!

However if the lower pay level reduced our dues structure back to two times the hourly rate per month the loss would be even greater. They would lose a total of $20 a month per member or $240 a year. Take that times 25,000 members equals $6 million less revenue which is divided between the locals, the joint councils and the IBT.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.