Smid is out according to this letter that leaked Fri. No link so can't confirm it's authenticity but I'm sure we'll know soon enough. Good riddance I say, another overpaid $M moron outta the way.

To: All YRC Worldwide Employees

From: James Welch, Chief Executive Officer - YRC Worldwide

Mike Smid, President of YRC, Inc., and Chief Operations Officer of YRC Worldwide has announced his retirement today. We wish Mike well and thank him for his contributions during his years of service.

Effectively immediately, and on a permanent basis, the following reporting alignments will be in effect.

The Operating Presidents will now report directly to me:

· Jeff Rogers, President - Holland

· T.J. O’Connor, President - Reddaway

· Steve Gast, President - New Penn

· Gary Pruden, President - YRC Glen Moore

Additionally, the following people at YRC Inc., will report directly to me until such time as we name a new President at YRC, Inc.:

· P G, Senior Vice President/CFO

· J S, Senior Vice President - Operations

· J C, Vice President - Equipment Services

· R M, Vice President - Specialized Services

· B D, Vice President - Security

· M Ol, Vice President - Operations (Canada and Mexico)

· D N, Director - Worker’s Compensation

· J P, Vice President - Labor Relations, Employment & Asst. General Counsel (also reports to Jeff Bennett, Interim General Counsel)

, and will continue reporting as they have been to me.

I appreciate your support as we move YRCW forward.

Thank you,