"YRC Freight Professional Driver,*Wade Wagemann, was chosen as the*South Dakota Driver of the Year 2019*by the*South Dakota Trucking Association*(SDTA) and the*Safety Management Council. As the award was presented, this Executive Proclamation was read:

“WHEREAS, Wade Wagemann started his career 27 years ago in the trucking industry and has spent the last 16 years with YRC Freight in Watertown, SD; and WHEREAS, Wade has driven 2.3 million accident-free miles in his career; and WHEREAS, Wade, as a Safety Trainer, leads safety demos, coaches co-workers in Drivecam, and leads the efforts of all safety-related functions for YRC Freight in Watertown, SD; and WHEREAS, Wade has competed in the South Dakota Truck Driving Championships 13 times and has been named the Grand Champion three times in state competitions; and WHEREAS, he has competed 10 times at the National Truck Driving Championships and was named the Driver of the Month in*February 2015, and again in*July 2019; and WHEREAS, on*June 17, 2019, Wade, while driving his truck noticed a toddler wandering around in the street and coaxed the child off the street to safety and stayed with him until the police arrived; and NOW, THEREFORE, I, KRISTI NOEM, Governor of the State of South Dakota, do hereby proclaim*September 6, 2019, as*WADE WAGEMANN DAY*in South Dakota.”

Wagemann, the 2019 South Dakota 5-Axle Champion, competed for his thirteenth time at the South Dakota Truck Driving Championships (TDCs) this year. He was also South Dakota’s 2018 Twin Trailers champion and Grand Champion and tied in the best Pre-Trip course category. After 13 years of competing at the South Dakota TDCs, he has earned the Grand Championship title three times: 2018, Twins class; 2014, 3-Axle class; and in 2007, the Twins class."
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South Dakota Trucking Association Awards Wade Wagemann and Rick Hoogendoorn of YRC Freight | YRC Worldwide Inc.

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