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  1. An important message from the drivers at CLT
  2. America is a democracy have your voice heard at work.
  3. First Vote by Unionized Fedex Freight drivers
  4. FedEx concessions plan
  5. The Petition
  6. Divided and Concord at FedEx by Anti Union Buster
  7. Unions Help Get Better Health care
  8. Another message from CLT
  9. Open Letter
  10. The truck Rodeo is on Saturday April 16,2016
  11. Hanging in CLT
  12. Fedex freight workers gear up for long-term fight
  13. Here is the Video That FedEx Does Not Want You To See.
  14. CEO of FedEx Freight to the Next 45th President of the United States
  15. Cameras....
  16. Fedex retirement.....
  17. Fedex Settles CA Wage and Hour Lawsuit for Undisclosed Amount
  18. Shift To 401(K) Retirement Plans A "Disaster"
  19. Americans Don’t Miss Manufacturing — They Miss Unions By Ben Casselman
  20. FedEx Healthcare plan
  21. Fedex loses again
  22. The mandate comes down!
  23. Message from Charlotte
  24. Teamsters Make History By Negotiating With FedEx Freight for First Time
  25. Meanwhile in Charlotte.......
  26. Second Teamsters Local Meets to Negotiate With FedEx Freight
  27. FedEx To Finally Settle Decade-Old Employee Misclassification Lawsuits
  28. Hanging in CLT
  29. FedEx Pilot's Retiree Medical Benefits
  30. Health care issues at Fedex...Unionize Now
  31. 3rd Circuit rejects FedEx's challenge to NLRB 'micro union' test
  32. Freddy's List
  33. Teamsters Call on FedEx Shareholders to Reject Outdated Executive Pay Structure
  34. It's good to be a pilot at fedex
  35. My Yearly Disappointment 2016
  36. Here are representatives of our 4 Union Terminals
  37. Fred Smith to step down from president role at FedEx
  38. Teamsters Launch Fed Up at FedEx Freight Newsletter
  39. FedEx loses latest bid to decertify driver 'micro union'
  40. Hey Fedex Freight drivers...
  41. Charlotte Negotiations Update 12-19-2016
  42. F.y.i
  43. This guy was lucky to be alive
  44. Karma is a Bitch
  45. Fred Smith drops president title earlier than planned in FedEx exec. shakeup
  46. The labor charges are piling up
  47. FedEx CEO attacks Trump for pulling out of TPP deal
  48. Another FedEx Worker Misclassification Case Settled for $227 million
  49. Decertification of CLT
  50. EPH Fedex Freight Decert Vote Results
  51. Dear Brothers and Sisters
  52. Teamsters Demand Lobbying Transparency at FedEx
  53. Fedex line haul drivers are up for a rude awakening
  54. Watch "The REAL Reason FedEx And UPS Are Fighting For Tax Cuts" on YouTube
  55. Safety at Fedex
  56. FedEx thanks Congress and Trump for tax reform
  57. It's Good To Be A Teamster !
  58. What is the Best Thing About Being a Teamster? Four Ex FedEx Freight Drivers Answer T
  59. Tesla closes multimillion-dollar Semi deal with FedEx
  60. FedEx Freight Head Ducker to Retire in August
  61. Purchased Transportation
  62. FedEx to transfer $6B in pension plan obligations to MetLife
  63. Volvo, FedEx Team on Live Platooning in North Carolina
  64. Workplace Democracy Act
  65. Wtf
  66. FedEx OSHA FAA Whistleblower Brian Gruzalski, OSHA Investigator Whitman, The Crimes &
  67. Only yard that is still organized by the Teamsters (Fedex Frt Stockton Ca)
  68. A.G. Underwood Announces $2 Million Settlement with FedEx for Misclassifying and Unde
  69. Fedex to offer buy-outs
  70. FedEx Stock Takes a Hit Because Amazon May Have Left XPO Logistics
  71. FedEx names Subramaniam president and COO
  72. Autonomous FedEx delivery bots will soon be roaming Memphis streets.
  73. Fedex freight drivers join teamsters
  74. Here’s some FedEx News
  76. Fedex hiring - part time !
  77. FedEx Drivers Reach Settlement Over CA Labor Laws
  78. Teamsters Call on FedEx Shareholders to Reject Outdated Executive Pay Structure and C
  79. FedEx Facing Hurdles Ahead Of Fiscal First-Quarter Earnings
  80. FedEx expands service
  81. Indictments Unsealed Alleging Pay-To-Play Bribery Scheme By Manager.
  82. Fedex changes retirement plan
  83. FedEx booted worker after he took approved leave for surgery: lawsuit
  84. Fedex package car shooting
  85. FedEx CFO: 'We are here at the bottom, but we can see a way out'
  86. Fedex and Amazon
  87. US unions. FedEx mounts big-money push to head off unionization by US workers
  88. FedEx plans to scrap employee bonuses this year !!!
  89. Person working in FedEx building tests positive for COVID-19
  90. Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick”
  91. Fedex freight is laying off workers
  92. Change FedEx To Win
  93. Coronavirus hits SBO FedEx YARD
  94. My Fedex Rant
  95. FedEx pilot released from Chinese custody
  96. FedEx: No annual bonus in 2021 due to COVID-19, long-term bonus tweaked
  97. Fedex removed the Hazard pay on July 1st 2020