This has really got me wondering why bottles have almost no environmental impact. Why? Because in the last year our trash company finally started recycling and guess what they will not except? Glass. Personally I don't drink beer out of a can. Well, after typing this I saw another link which provides more info. Very interesting.

Teamsters Canada has launched a new campaign to encourage the public to buy brown-bottled beer, instead of canned beer, for environmental and economic reasons.

“The environmental impact of capped brown beer bottles is almost non-existent,” says the president of Local Union 1999, Serge Bérubé. “Unfortunately, the current trend in the beer industry is all about canned beer, which will also have a negative impact on local jobs.”

Unlike many countries in Europe, like Denmark, Québec does not prohibit the sale of cans. As a result, these single-use containers usually ends up in a landfill.

Hundreds of well-paying jobs are at risk if the government is slow to implement an environmentally and socially responsible policy on bottled and canned beer. Molson, for example, recently announced the construction of a new plant in the Montreal area, which will likely focus on canned beer at the expense of good jobs and the environment.

Teamsters Launch Ad Campaign in Québec | Teamsters Canada