Although we have a thread going about the corona virus and it's affect on trucking, this is about Canadian drivers in particular. Seems drivers have the respect of the prime minister.
MONTREAL, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Low-income workers considered essential in the fight against COVID-19 will see their wages increased as a result of a $4 billion federal-provincial agreement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed today.

Wage premiums could be given to certain health care workers, but the provinces could also allot them to truck drivers or grocery store workers. The Teamsters Union, which represents tens of thousands of workers in these sectors, welcomes the federal government’s initiative.

“This premium will lighten the financial burden of many families across the country,” noted Teamsters Canada president François Laporte. “The various levels of government must now ensure that this money finds its way in these workers’ pockets.”
“I have a special message for our truckers criss-crossing North America carrying food and medical supplies,” adds the Canadian labour leader. “ We will do everything we can to press for benefits to thank you for your dedication and courage.”