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SMART-TD, BLET Joint Statement on Rail Embargo

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    This is a BS contract being pushed by so called ''Pro-Labor'' Democrats...''Anti-Labor'' Democrats is a much better description of these 'Pro-Corporate' that the elections are over,time to dictate to workers and DEMAND they take the last POS offer...Congress can't 'enslave' employees,it can't do whatever it wants just because goods or money cross state lines...I don't see that authority in the ''Constitution''...It is a immense stretch of the Commerce Clause to argue Congress can intervene in ''private labor negotiations''...

    Government cannot fire private workers and if they did,the situation would be DIRE for ALL Working Class Americans,Union as well as Non-Union...Private workers are NOT government's air traffic controllers...the average man hours per take off/landing was about 20,far more than needed...It was easy to train replacements...firing private rail workers would be an absolute disaster...fortunately,they cannot do it and the 13th amendment bars involuntary servitude...Railroad companies can't push the workers around anymore,so now they are asking ''big brother'' to help them out...working on call 7 days a week with 12 to 15 hour shifts with ONLY 1 personal day and no paid ANYTHING is absolute BS...

    ''STRIKE''!!!!!.....and tell the RR companies and Congress to shove this contract UP THEIR ASS!!!!!!

    Here's the 1976 there were 63 Class 1 railroads ,today there are just 7....Class 1 railroads CUT their workforce by 33%...Warren Buffett called BNSF one of his ''4 Giants'',and an ''indispensable asset'' in his annual shareholder letter....while Union Pacific is celebrating it's most ''profitable year'' in it's history in 2021,it's been around since 1862....

    The contract talks that began in the fall of 2019 include so many workers issues,one of which is whether the RR companies should be able to CUT CREWS from 2 people down to one...Unions have long opposed that change because of ''Safety'' concerns and the desire to ''Protect'' Union jobs....''SHUT IT DOWN''!!!!!


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      Joe Biden Signs Bill to Avoid Rail Strike; Shuts out Railway Workers

      President Joe Biden signed a bill Friday morning passed by Congress to prevent a railroad strike, and block workers from striking.

      Biden, despite his long history of supporting trains and railway workers, signed the bill to override their threat to strike for better working conditions.

      The president said it was a “tough” decision to sign the bill but that it was the “right thing to do at the moment.”
      “A rail shutdown would have devastated our economy,” Biden warned.


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        "“The political parties don’t represent the people”: US workers furious after Biden signs bipartisan anti-strike legislation"

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