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Anybody out there that has any experience with the LYTX Driver facing cameras?

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  • Anybody out there that has any experience with the LYTX Driver facing cameras?

    So the rollout of these LYTX windshield mounted driver facing cameras in the Feeder department has finally got to Jacksonville Florida UPS hub. In the coming weeks the install will begin. I get back from a couple weeks vacation only to find out about this. This news has been causing a dust up at work. And I have to admit my stomach has been doing flips and twists thinking about it. The Local is waiting on a ruling from a panel somewhere having to do with a Texas Local greivence before they say or do anything. On My Locals website they mention some kind of ZOOM meeting with O'Brien and others on April 10. So not sure if this will be a topic. We have had one guy immediately quit and retired after seeing the LYTX presentation. I talked to him and I hope he will comeback. I saw the the same presentation and it didn't help me feel any better. IF THIS ISN'T A MASSIVE OVER-REACH I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. It looks like a huge fishing expedition where the company can fire and discipline anyone at will. I've worked with computers and programming. And in order to receive and act on sensor data, there is most always a real photo or video behind it all. Our contract does not allow over supervision. This will be like a supervisor riding with you 100 percent of the time. Seems clear cut to me. So I'm asking for anyone who has any personal experience good or bad with the LYTX driver surveillance system. We have a meeting coming up and I suspect this will come up. Thanks.
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    I retired before all this in cab camera crap started.. I don't think I would like it.. but there was a Newpenn Driver years back get cleared on a accident because some guy behind him had a dash camera going.. The guy got hit by a train in Maspeth NY and the video clearly showed the gates didn't come down..


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      We have had them in our trucks (Roadway Yellow Holland) for several years now but the rear facing camera has tape over it and its disabled they tell us. At times they do show us what we did wrong but never written up over them.


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        Let me add this...The Local has said that it doesn't record video or audio ever. It uses thermal sensing to figure out if you are driving distracted. I talked to a Walmart driver about his. He told me that the inside recording is disabled. Only the outward camera is on. He said it was no big deal, plus the visor, when flipped down, covers almost the whole device.


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          Haven't put them in at our hub yet, but probably just a matter of time.


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            We have them but we weren't told anything about thermal sensing.
            We have new trucks which do things like blow the horn if you put your right turn signal on and somebody is on your right.
            If you hit your brakes hard the green light on the windshield camera turns red and records 8 seconds before it turned and 8 seconds after. It can only see out the windshield but can also pick up reflections of you off of windshield or mirrors.
            It also records sound.

            A deer jumped in front of me one day and they showed me the recording.

            They have a computer screen with every drivers name and those brake jamming recordings are up there for everybody.