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    So with the virus threat now going on many customers are asking about the handheld PDA’s. Wanting to know how many people have touched them and how often are the cleaned. Have had a few people who refuse to touch or sign them which I guess is a concern. I’ve said all along that these things are bad as people who have colds people who have greasy and dirty hands touch and sign them with no protection from passing the germs they may have. I’ve asked our manager for cleaning wipes to which he refuses to buy or supply. Any thoughts on the modern technology that these companies on going to.

    I’ve heard that UPS has or is now allowing deliveries without having their PDA’s signed. I was shown an email the other day that stated ABF is aware of the concerns and have been watching but at the time are not taking any special precautions.

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    Re: Electronic Handhelds

    We are still keeping loggers employed at YRC. Paper delivery receipts. Dispatcher, ourselves, and the check in clerk are who has contact with our devices.

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