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  • It Is Finished

    Just got a call from ex-coworker and OHFL is now officially a non-union company.

    From what I'm getting the locals counted heads and found out of the approximately 530 employees in the "union" barns, only 130 were paying dues. They simply don't have the numbers to deal with the company.

    The crowning touch was that the company gave the nons a 75 cent raise recently. So all the dimwits wanted it too and a decert letter was being circulated. The company made no bones about this for years that they paid the nons more. It finally paid off in spades. Wait till what they see their health care will cost now.

    I hope I can get more accurate info about this in a few days.

    So if your are traveling and see one of their trucks, let them know their number one.

    $&*#& scabs. In some ways I'm glad to see them get rid of the coat tail riders. Let them fight by themselves.
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    Re: It Is Finished

    Got a couple of calls the other day. Both were telling the me the same thing about the nons complaining about the health care plan details that are coming out, effective Jan 2020

    Couple of the high points: (These are verbatim quotes as I got them)

    Can they do that? (Yes they can and will, who is going to stop them?)
    I didn't think that they would change anything. (Not real smart, are you?)
    I'll just save my money and buy health care on the open market. It will be cheaper. (Been living in a cave?)
    Co pays are $25. WTF (Surprise, more to come later.)
    Will we get a raise? (Depends on your ass kissing skills. Oak recently gave the non-union terminals a 75¢ raise. They used to only pay them 50¢ more)
    Why do we have to pay for our health care? (How stupid are you?)
    Why do we have to pay more if my spouse/children are covered? (Seriously?)
    I lose money on my vacation pay. (Took the 1/52 away, did that to the non union terminals several years ago)
    But I have payed more health care. (And you were only paying $63/month, spouse/dependent coverage and got representation too)

    There was more but how stupid can people be?

    The sad thing is these same people were told what might happen, and for the most part it did. I guess some still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny too.

    Effing scabs.