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  • The Biden Administration

    This is beyond belief and should make every Veteran disgusted with Biden and company.. They have opened the borders and now they are catering to the Illegals.. This story is about a hotel in Newburgh NY that has caved to the wicked left.. Evicting homeless Veterans so they can collect on housing illegals that NYC sent them to.. NYC is a sanctuary city but Orangs county is not ,,

    Outrage grows over vets evicted from New York hotels to house migrants

    The 20 homeless veterans who were evicted from Orange County hotels this week to make way for a group of migrants are shaken — but soldiering on, a spokeswoman for the group told The Post Saturday.
    Video is on the link

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    Another story about I belief to be the same hotel in Newburgh NY.. A couple from Florida who were coming to Newburg to get married in June spent months preparing rented out over 30 rooms for their quests .. Their reservations cancelled for the same reason..

    NY Hotel Abruptly Cancels 30 Rooms Booked For Wedding to Make Room For Illegal Aliens

    By Cristina Laila May. 14, 2023 8:23 pm583 Comments

    A New York hotel abruptly canceled 30 rooms booked for a wedding in order to make room for illegal aliens.

    A Florida couple is scrambling to make last minute accommodations for their guests after Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh canceled 30 rooms booked for their wedding in June.

    “We signed a contract. We had a legal contract to have those rooms,” the groom said, according to the New York Post. “We just wanted everybody to be safe and have a good time.”


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      elections do have consequences


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        Its very hard to believe the actions of this regime.Everyone should be appalled at the way the American citizen is being treated and the catering of the illegal invaders.If you think the leftist have went as low as they could wait a day.